Branded Items

When you are about to launch an airline, awareness is key. Promotional products can be a great way to reach a target audience. These can also be of use for a marketing campaign to promote your new livery or special livery. With our wide established network, in combination with the TDA network, we can provide you with a diverse variety of high-quality promotional products by third parties. We will take care of all design work and design/printing processes for these products. This service is also easily adaptable to our other services.


Together with our in-house event coordinator, we also provide an event planning and hosting service to promote your brand or to celebrate a special milestone or anniversary. 


We have experience designing the branding for event booths/exhibition stands. These can be fully customised to suit your brief and we can provide the necessary DTP files for the production of graphics etc. It’s the perfect way to impress prospective customers and new contacts by showcasing your brand on a fully customised booth. 

KEYCHAINS (skin tags)

These keychains are made of real aircraft skin and can be presented as gifts or can be sold to your target audience. They are perfect for anyone working in the aviation industry or for aircraft enthusiasts – it’s their chance to own and keep a real piece of aviation history! 

Aircraft scale models

In multiple scales, quantities and materials.

Airplane tags

We can supply skin tags of airlines and the desired packages destined to come with these tags, especially from TDA's teardowns.


Flyers, Leaflets & Booklets, both for print and interactive usage

Give-away items

Lanyards, coffee mugs, scented candles, you name it we can help you with it.



Some of the items we have designed to promote the TDA brand include: Plane models, bottles, passport-holders, travel bags and custom inquiries. These items are used for a wide variety of purposes like, events, giveaways, or presents.


the possibilities are endless