TDA Design approved supplier with AES

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Approval with AES

TDA Design and Aerospace Engineering Solutions (AES) signed an agreement where TDA Design supplies technical drawings to AES for authority approval. AES is a European Aviation Safety Agency Part 21J (EASA.21J.722), General Civil Aviation Authority (DOA/181) and Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA/AW/AE/I0151/R1) Design Organization Approval (DOA) holder supporting aerospace clients across the globe.

Over the years, AES has worked with many airlines, aircraft leasing companies, MRO’s and OEM’s worldwide, providing DOA support for exterior liveries. With the agreement, TDA Design will supply technical drawings, livery designs and 3D livery visualizations to AES.

As of June 2022, TDA Design shifted its focus more on supporting DOAs with the supply of technical drawings to help airlines in need of livery drawings.

TDA Design team: Njord Zonneveld & Mees Jansen:

We are thrilled to announce this cooperation with AES. This fundamental step marks a new chapter in TDA Design’s history. Combining both our skill sets and services, we feel safe to say we can deliver a very high-end service to airlines for all their livery needs.


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