TDA Design Unveils Striking New Livery on a Legacy 600



Lagos, Nigeria – TDA Design has recently unveiled a new livery design for the Embraer Legacy 600 aircraft with the tailnumber 5N-JLA. This creative collaboration between TDA Design, Falcon Aerospace Limited, and AES Global has resulted in a striking visual transformation.

The Embraer Legacy 600, a popular choice among business jet enthusiasts, has received a remarkable makeover that captures the essence of elegance and innovation. The new livery design combines sleek lines, topped with metallic pearlescent and black gloss paint to create a visually stunning corporate aircraft.

Falcon Aerospace Limited, a prominent aviation company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Is well recognized for its aircraft management services for a wide range of business jets. The company owns 3 global brands providing executive charter services with excellent service.

Furthermore, AES Global, renowned for its expertise in providing PART21J support, played a crucial role in the implementation of the new livery design. Their technical knowledge and attention to detail ensured that the product met satisfaction with the PaintShop and the owner.

Mees Jansen (TDA Design) about the livery:

This design project is an amazing milestone for TDA Design and a big leap in the development of our product and services. We will continue to expand, improve and dedicate ourselves to ensure a one-stop-shop concept. We would like to thank AAIM, AES and FA for their unlimited support! Without them, this project wouldn’t have been possible! 

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